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                              Welcome to the official website of Tianjin Pufei Hoop Co., Ltd.!


                              Contact us

                              Contact us




                              Tianjin Pufei Throat Hoop Co., Ltd.

                              Address: Luxinzhuang Development Zone, Tangguantun Town, Jinghai County, Tianjin

                              Contact person: Chen Feng

                              Mobile phone: 15802275523

                              Location: 022-68775195

                              E-mail: chenfeng@poofey.com

                              Website: www.fariseng.com

                              Strive for the best interests for you as far as possible! Our consulting hotline:022-68775195
                              address:Fruits of LuXinZhuang Tang Guantun town development zone
                              Mobile phone:15802275523
                              Seat number:022-68775195
                              ICP备案号:津ICP备13001689号-1     技术支持:通商科技    Tianjin Pufei Throat Hoop Co., Ltd.     Administration    
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