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                              Welcome to the official website of Tianjin Pufei Hoop Co., Ltd.!



                              Selection of raw materials and technical requirements for throat hoop

                              Category: clamps

                              Material: A3 carbon steel, Q235A, stainless steel, etc.

                              Bolt performance grade: 4.8 grade, 5.8 grade, 8.8 grade, 10.8 grade, 12.8 grade

                              Processing customization: is (drawing processing, sample processing, material processing)

                              Specification Model: According to Customer Requirements

                              Colour: Galvanized and stainless steel (customized according to customer requirements)

                              Antiseptic treatment/surface treatment: white zinc plating, colour zinc plating, hot galvanizing, hot dipping, nickel plating, chromium plating, cromie, blackening, dacromet, teflon, spraying, spraying and polishing.

                              Coating thickness: 50-80UM

                              Use life: 3-5 years, according to the use environment.

                              Storage method: Store in a dry place, not in a cold and humid place, to avoid rust or oxidation of products.

                              Implementation criteria: JB/T8870-1999 HB6519-1991

                              Product description

                              Handle clamp is also called rubber handle clamp or booster clamp. According to material, it can be divided into metal handle clamp and plastic handle clamp.

                              Detailed introduction

                              Product features: The product is easy to operate, does not need auxiliary tools, suitable for frequent disassembly occasions.

                              Application: Mainly used for the connection and fastening of general rubber hose, nylon plastic hose, plywood hose, water belt and other interfaces of various mechanical equipment and chemical equipment, such as vehicles, ships, diesel engines, gasoline engines, machine tools, fire fighting, etc.

                              Strive for the best interests for you as far as possible! Our consulting hotline:022-68775195
                              address:Fruits of LuXinZhuang Tang Guantun town development zone
                              Mobile phone:15802275523
                              Seat number:022-68775195
                              ICP备案号:津ICP备13001689号-1     技术支持:通商科技    Tianjin Pufei Throat Hoop Co., Ltd.     Administration    
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